Pakistan Solar Services | Solar Energy Power, Wind Energy, Solar Water Pump System

Renewable Energy Solution

Pakistan Solar Services | Solar Energy Power, Wind Energy, Solar Water Pump System

Pakistan Solar Services PakSolar are wholesalers and distributors of solar power systems and Solar products at best prices: for Home Solar, Commercial Solar and Industrial Solar solution. We have in stock Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar Tube well, Solar batteries in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad.

Pak Solar (Pakistan Solar Services) systems are designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. The system is comprised of solar panels, mounting structure, inverters and after sunset backu system through battery bank. Our engineering staff will perform an on-site consultation to determine the best size, mounting arrangement and positioning for your system. Each client is presented with a detailed design and installation plan once this analysis is complete.

Pakistan Solar Services are:

* Solar Power System for Home and Offices
* Solar Energy solution for petrol pumps
* Solar Power solution for Hospital
* Solar Energy solution for Advertisers; Billboards, Bus Stop Stands and etc
* Solar Power Solution for water parks, family parks and etc.
* Solar Energy Solution for streets, parks and buildings solar street lights
* Solar Energy Solution for Agriculture in Pakistan (Agriculture Solar)
* Solar Power Solutions for Flood Irrigation (Agriculture Solar)
* Energy Audit Solution for Offices, Banks, Factories
* Alternate Energy Hydropower System for remote areas
* Wind Farm Solutions + Hybrid System (Wind + PV)
* "Ligthen for All" DC Portable Solar Kit Systems for remote areas
* DC Portable Solar Kit Systems for Shops / moveable shops, Home, Offices and etc.

Pakistan Solar Services provides prompt and free-of-charge services on your premises, witht the visit of its consultant Engineers for a first briefing about the system you are interested in. By inspecting your premises, our Technical Consultant will collect all necessary information in order to plan with you the most flexible solution that matches your requirements.

Call Now! 021-3416 0010 or 0300-2089734 or email us at

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Address & Contact

Contact Person:
K.A. Rahil
Office #9, 3rd Floor, B.B. Mall, Opposite NED University, Main University Road, Block-1, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Pakistan
Contact Number:
(0092) / (0)3002089734
(0092) / (021)34160010


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